All our activities are framed in traditional processes made by the locals and respecting the environment. These activities are performed at the Ranch and also at the Salineras Salt Mine. One activity per day is included in the lodging rate, except the salt collection workshop, photography workshop, cooking class and horseback riding class.

Coffe workshop

Coffee Workshop

USD$45.00 up to 2 people, additional USD$15.00
Activity free for all inclusive package

This workshop starts with a brief explanation from a local farmer about the production, harvesting, cleaning and storage of the cafeto or coffee cherry. Then we will roast and grind the coffee beans and show you the different ways this extraordinary and delicious beverage can be prepared.

Chocolate workshop

Chocolate Workshop

USD$65.00 up to 2 people, additional USD$25.00
Activity free for all inclusive package

A local farmer will provide an explanation about the cacao production process. We will then show you how the cacao is toasted and ground to get a delicious and pure cacao bar that is the base to prepare hot chocolate and different desserts.



Activity free for all inclusive package.

Ride around the ranch or visit the market on bicycle. Guide is not included.

photography workshop

Photography Workshop

USD$95.00 up to 2 people, additional USD$35, includes snack

Together with an expert, learn easy ways to improve your photography skills. It doesn’t matter what type of photography equipment you have. This is a 100% practical workshop that will fascinate you.

Craft Workshop of Maras Salt Collection

Salt Collection Workshop

USD$85.00 up to 2 people, additional USD$35, includes snack

Salineras Ranch is located about 1.25 miles away from the Salineras Salt Mine of Maras, where you will collect your own salt with the local people who have inherited from their ancestors, the Incas, the techniques as well as the pools of salt. According to our values of fair trade, we give the money collected from this activity to the owner of the salt pool.

horseback riding classes

Horseback Riding Class

USD$125.00 up to 2 people, additional USD$55

Our horses are free to run around the whole ranch and eat fresh grass whenever they want. Learning to ride our horses is easy for everyone, as they have been specifically selected for their social and interactive skills with people.

adobe, mud brick

Mud Brick Workshop

USD$45.00 up to 2 people, additional USD$15.00, lunch is included
Activity free included in the lodging rate

An activity for all ages, we will teach you how to make mud bricks, or adobe, the world's oldest building material.

Cooking Class

Cooking Class

USD$355.00 up to 2 people, additional USD$95.00, lunch is included

A complete cooking class using local ingredients and old processes. We suggest that you read the following link. You can choose up to 4 main dishes and 2 different desserts. This is a practical and delicious experience for everybody.