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Why come to the ranch?

At the ranch, you will have a relaxing, authentic, and engaging experience. Imagine. Upon arriving at the ranch, you can enjoy a refreshing passion fruit juice while relaxing in our hammocks surrounded by majestic mountains, the flowing river, and our flourishing vegetable garden. Later on, you and your family and friends will learn to make chocolate, coffee, or adobe bricks using the same techniques as in the Inca times. After enjoying a delicious home-made dinner, unbeatable desserts and Peruvian wine, you will sleep in a cabin with a view of the starry night. In the morning you will be rejuvenated and ready to explore all that the ranch has to offer – Peruvian Paso horses, beautiful terrain, vegetable gardens, and the friendly local community.

Why are the rides more expensive?

Our rides are all inclusive. We provide round trip transportation, tickets for entrance into the Pichingoto community, tickets for the Salineras salt mines, hand-made snacks at the salt mines, bottled water and drinks, and an abundant farm-to-table picnic lunch.

Most importantly, we raise our horses in the best way by allowing them to roam and eat freely in the entire ranch, day and night. This investment produces the best performing horses, who are friendly, happy, and calm throughout your ride. In contrast, other companies may offer a cheaper price but it is at the expense of the horses and your safety. The horses are kept in stables, over worked, and poorly nourished, resulting in accidents.

Finally, all of our guides and helpers live in the community, ensuring that you have a truly authentic Peruvian experience!

Why is the lodging more expensive?

Welcome to your own Ranch with only three private cabins. Wake up surrounded by the vast mountains, enjoy a fresh juice in the hammock, and bike around the community. Staying at the Ranch is a unique, private and serene experience.

The Ranch is a lifestyle. We recycle everything, use sustainable products, cook healthy, organic and local food, and support the community by teaching English to the local children and employing community members. When you stay at the Ranch you are a friend and a part of the community. Our goal is to create an exceptional and unique experience for you and to be a model for the next generation.

What horseback riding levels do we offer?

Beginner: A rider who has limited experience and does not have a firm and balanced seat.

Intermediate: A rider who is capable of mounting and dismounting unassisted, is comfortable and in control at all paces in open countryside, but does not ride regularly.

Advanced: An experienced rider who is currently riding regularly, is comfortable in the saddle at all paces in open countryside for at least 6 hours per day, and is capable of handling a spirited horse.

What mountain biking levels do we offer?

Beginner: A rider who knows how to ride a bike, but has never ridden a mountain bike or has minimal experience on a mountain bike.

Intermediate: A rider who has been mountain biking for about one year, has reasonable bike handling skills, and is confident riding in a variety of terrains and conditions including: singletrack, double track, muddy, dry, loose, rocky. The rider is competent at riding trails with moderate climbs and descents, some of which may be slightly technical in nature, but may get off and walk some sections.

Advanced: A rider who has been mountain biking for at least three years and is very comfortable handling most types of riding and obstacles, including drops (up to 1 foot), rocks, logs, switchbacks. The rider has good bike handling and has considerable experience riding on a wide variety of technical terrains including: rocky, rooty, muddy, loose, fast singletrack. The rider can climb and descend comfortably on technical singletrack for as long as required.

What trekking levels do we offer?

Easy: Experience is not necessary at this level, anyone who is in good health and fit enough to enjoy a good weekend hill walk can manage this grade.
Moderate: Moderate treks are suitable for any walker looking for something a little more challenging and energetic. Most people who enjoy a weekend in the hills or mountains at home are capable of undertaking a trek at this level: you need to be in good health, reasonably fit, and exercising regularly.
Hard: For a trek at this level, fitness is important and you may have to improve yours before departure. Hard treks are equivalent to extended walking in mountainous terrain at high altitudes. Previous trekking experience is desirable but not essential if you are confident of your physical condition.

What is the difference between a picnic lunch and a Ranch lunch?

Picnic lunch: Enjoy lunch on a picnic blanket surrounded by the beautiful Andes mountains. This lunch includes fresh salad, yuca and potatoes, grilled chicken, steak, fresh fruit, sandwiches, cookies, and drinks.

Ranch lunch: Savor your lunch at the rustic, beautiful ranch. Watch your food made before your eyes and prepared with the best local and organic ingredients. This meal includes a traditional Peruvian appetizer, a fresh salad, a delicious soup, two specially prepared cuts of meat, an unbeatable dessert, and plentiful drinks (chichi morada, soda, beer, coffee, and tea). Afterwards, relax in the hammocks with the best views of the mountains.

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In case you haven´t found the answer to your question or have more inquiries, please feel free to drop us a message and we will reply as soon as possible.

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