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The Farm & The Restaurant

Reservations required

What does the word restaurant mean? It is a place where you will restore yourself and regain energy.

Do we know if what we eat is the best for our bodies? Our modern diet is very taste-oriented and this way of life has led us to an unfortunate race trying to mix, color, and make up formulas to convert food into something unnatural and unhealthy.
We believe that we should take a look back to nature. From the farm to the table, we strive to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourage farming of plants and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem.

What kind of food do we prepare?

A bit of everything: local food, Peruvian Chinese fusion, Rancho-style dishes, pasta, pizza and always with vegetarian options. In the mornings you will awake to a rain of aromas and flavors and savor coffee freshly roasted on the wood cook stove.
In addition to our fabulous garden, Peru has so much to offer from its three regions: Coast, Mountains and Jungle. The best beans, fish and seafood from the Coast, native potatoes and corn from the Mountains, exotic fruit from the Jungle, and premium quality meats from animals that graze in the mountains.

  • The work in farm.

Finally, we cannot talk about an outstanding culinary experience if we do not have a magnificent place that awakens your senses. An open kitchen surrounded by a private stream, waterfall and majestic mountains.
Please, tell us about your preferences and expectations before your arrival, so we can prepare a suitable menu.
Come, enjoy and recharge!

Breakfast in the Ranch 55 USD
Lunch in the Ranch 65 USD
Dinner in the Ranch 55 USD

You can combine your stay with activities

The Organic Farm