The Hilltop Cabin

The Hilltop Cabin

This beautiful cabin is located at the top of the Ranch; has a rustic feel that makes you feel part of the mountain. It provides amazing views of the hills. Switch off from modern day life and embrace the natural surroundings, have a back to nature vacation without technological devices around.

This wood-made cabin is cozy and picturesque; these characteristics make the cabin warm at nights. We wow you with charming decor, sparkling clean shower and bathroom, and well-stocked kitchen.

Bedroom: It has a double bed and a bunk bed, perfect for couples or families, sleeps between 2 and 4 people.

Bathroom: To continue enjoying panoramic views from the spacious bathroom with your private bathtub, shower and views of the starry night.

Kitchen: Enjoy the flavors of Peru as your meals are prepared using the finest fresh, local produce with a rustic open plan kitchen and wood burning stove.

  • The Hillptop Cabin.

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